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Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world by its sheer size encompassing a route length of 67,368 kilometre and track length of 121,407 kilometre according to latest 2017 figures. More than 20,000 trains running from approximately 8,500 stations carry millions of passengers to their destinations across the length and breadth of the country.

Indian Railways is both a commercial and social organization. It run cargo trains to transport goods from one part of the country to another. Also, it helps Divyangjan in reaching their destinations. The Railway Budget 2015-16 clearly states that the Indian Railways is committed to help Divyangjan through concessional tickets that they can buy by showing Concession based Photo Identity Card Certificate.

Photo ID cards for Divyangjan

Every Divyangjan is entitled to get a Photo ID card from Indian Railways. Ministry of Railways issues unique ID numbers to Divyangjan. These ID cards help in getting concessional tickets for rail journey. The Moradabad Division of Indian Railways has recently launched a Divyang Sahayak portal to help Divyangjan in making their Photo ID cards.

Access the Divyan Sahayak portal from a computer

  • Click on the application for Concession based Photo Identity Card Certificate
  • Fill the application and provide requisite details like date of birth and postal address
  • Submit the application and track status
  • Indian Railways give Photo ID cards to all Divyangjan entitled to get the benefit of concessional fare in rail travel. Also, no fee is charged by the railways to issue the Photo ID cards.

Millions of Divyangjan travel on concessional rail tickets but there are millions that are deprived of this facility. The Divyang Sahayak portal is a big step towards including all Divyangjan in the “Digital India” scheme of the government of India. This step would boost their faith in the India Railways.