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Our Mission

Our Mission

Divyang Sahayak portal is the first big step to ease the complications Divyangjan/Differently Able Person face while applying for Concession based Photo Identity Card Certificate. Moradabad Division of Indian Railways is facilitating the Divyangjan to apply for online concessional card through this portal.

Smooth journey for Divyangjan

Moradabad Division starts online process for Divyang Concession based Photo Identity Card Certificate with live tracking of application and SMS service. This portal provides service to Divyangjan at their doorstep.

Need for this portal

This portal would prove to be quite helpful for Divyangjan that can access the Indian Railways service of providing concessional certificates to travel at a cheaper rate. It would reduce the distance between Differently Abled persons and the Indian Railways and allow more and more people to take advantage of the concessional fare for Specially-Abled persons.

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Advantage of the portal

  1. Quick online service from submission of application to tracking status of application
  2. Service available round the clock
  3. It would become more accessible to people with difficulties in accessing public places
  4. It is a dignified way of serving the needs of Divyangjan/Differently Abled persons

With this portal, the Moradabad Division of Indian Railways want to simplify the process of applying for and getting concessional certificates for the Divyangjan.

All people eligible for Divyangjan concessional certificates can take advantage of this portal and save their time while applying for photo identity cards for concessional fare. It was a much-needed step for the betterment of Divyangjan that are the respectable citizens of our country.